Version notes:

+Bug fixed related with the exp +Bug fixed related with saving system (only for desktop version)

* Oppaimons added: Cumpie, Peedle, Blowffing, Sexkans

* Attacks added: Bite, Bondage, Chew, Clitshot, Fake orgasm, Gonorrhea, Herpes, Horny, Hot breath, Hug, Hyper bite, Moan, Poison kiss, Popper, Quick fuck, Razor ass, Sand screw, Sludge, Suck nipples, Tail whip, Whirlsquirt (Some attacks will be adjusted in future updates)

* Now attacks have probability of success, otherwise the attack will fail

* Route 2 added

* 2 new girls added (Cloe and Zoe)

* First story event with the team sucket

* Alexa sprites renewed and implemented

* Alexa animation implemented

* First date implemented (A visit to the lake)

* Oppaimon now learn new attacks when they level up

* Cummander, Squirty and Vulvasaur evolve at level 16

* Dialogue system renewed and implemented in some situations

* Voices of Alexa, Violett and Rin added to the game

* In this version has not been implemented the side effects of some attacks, such as your probability of poisoning or critical hit (future update will be included)


* Temporarily in the date with Professor Alexa the background remains black, we are still looking for some illustrator to help us with the background of the lake, we will soon make an update added it

* Temporarily there is a bug that changes the size of some oppaimons in battle, we are fixing it

* Start the game from 0 since we have implemented new stuffs since the beginning.

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Me cant play the game me at a phone it just stop on the loading screen pls fix that

Why not make the clasic moving system on this game.

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Im liking the game so far but i downloaded it and it freezes after the first fight for some reason. Im on version. 0.3.7

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how do i save on the game im on windows 10 and not on browser

This game can't work.


The downloaet version.

A really nice featue to have would be the ability to chose the starting oppaimon for upcoming fights.

Keep up the good work

in my lenovo laptop it does lack on exp and stop in gaining exp

in which laptop does it work


Love this game. To sad there is so little content. Hope for more! If i had the money i would buy a studio for you, to finish this game :D


On which Mobile version did it work?

where i can found desktop version?

For me. the MegaUpload Download worked best. You can find the link above on the page from the dev


We should be able to be a girl and have some lesbian action, and theres a girl that you fight after meeting the 2 bad girls, she says she shows you her tits but no tits show

Will we ever get to fuck the oppaimon themselves? THAT would be great.

i agree

Expect that in further version too ^^


i cant save

At the first battle there is 2 vulvasaurs with the name cummander at lvl24 at both sides and it crashed. I tried looking up my oppaimon which i use squirty too but it says there nothing in my team AND i use windows

my game freeze very often >.< close to the end of every battle, when i shoud gain EXP the game freeze and i have to close.

I am using the downloaded windows version

My pc is an Windows 10 and i try win compatibility mode with win 7 and win 8...

No download link? So is it possible to save on browser?

can you please include a download link since it won't open in the browser

and mabe that will help

Game is good but it freezes after at the end of the first match. That's why my video is so short 😅

Same got the same bug

Hoe do you get to the date

Money need balancing
Too many fights in bushs
You can go OOB if you go south west from bowsette

This game is actually amazing, plays just like a pokemon game tbh. Can't wait to see more oppaimon in future updates

Is there any way to increase the love meter for certain characters? I'm assuming thats how the date is unlocked.

Hi! Besides picking Cummander at the beginning, I can only find Fistgey, Rafafap, Peedle, and Cumpie in the bushes and none of the other oppaimon, is this intentional? thank you

Also, how do you save the game (I have the HTML version launched off itch on a windows pc).

I've tried clicking the save button (the black file looking thing) on the escape menu but I can't load up the save the next time I open the game


The option to save your progress is designed for users of Windows and Mac, you should download the game, in other words you will not be able to save your progress in browser we are sorry

Hey so im trying this for the first time - if there are any future updates will the game transfer my progress to the newer version?

Or do you think copying the save file before updates is the best bet?

How do I switch Oppaimon in my party? I've captured others but it doesn't give me the option to fight with them. Thanks!

I think pressing escape, selecting oppaimon and choosing the one you want works

The option to order your team is not yet implemented, currently you can only change Oppaimon in combat but not out of it, soon we will implement it :)

Alright, thanks both of you! :)

soo, I can't start it... idk why but it just show's a white screen I was in it for an hour and nothing...

Hello! Rare should it delay a bit with the Oppaimon logo ... what browser are you using? test downloading the game from our patreon page .

oh I got and got it on there and I reinstalled it and it did the same thing

I mean are you using Google chrome, Firefox, Opera?

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none of those I'm using I downloaded and now I have it on my PC so I open it on my computer and I go here and it no work I'll even get pic

and now I just see this when I get on it

I did not know that had an app to download games to your PC that was not from a browser! better try to download the version for Win here I leave the link!ZU5TnITT!cKhB3X2QrlRpsr_KCkw_fk8BWTxCgeLIykMmhtpARGI


Wont let me buy oppaiballs when i have enough money the cleric says you dont have enough money for that.


We will check it and don't worry it will be fix for the next version coming soon (some day, don't worry :))

If I have to cling to it when I want to evolve my second pokemon, then I will be kidnapping me.
And the next is that I can not move my new game to the new version.
Z góry przepraszam za błędy ale nie umiem zbyt dobrze angielskiego.
Gra mi się bardzo podoba ( 8-10) :)
And I can not wait for the full version.

It's great, but it freezes whenever I switch to another tab and come back (I'm on Opera, if that's important)

Thank you!

Has something to do with the browser itself. It usually happens with the ram your computer has.

it's an ok game but I do wish I could by the Oppaiballs so I can get more Oppaimon anyways hope the new update comes out, also love what you did with the game so keep up the great work!!!

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If you mean to get oppaiballs of course you can do it and capture oppaimons too. When you beat a trainer or an oppaimon you earn money and with it you can buy Oppaiballs and other items in the village shop (next to the oppaimon centre) :)

Thank you!, We appreciate you seeing our effort <3

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I love the idea of the game. :3

I couldn't buy any. the pause screen showed $0 but when on the buying screen of the shop it was showing $1,250 yet clicking on a price resulting in the clerc saying "you don't have enough money" :( (I played in my bowser... err... browser)

Also, when I saw Bowsette the first time, she kicked my butt, then I went to beat the Dusk Lord (will it have same-sex scenes?) then went to see Bowsette again and got the sex scene without battling.

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Excellent update, however:

Issues with exiting the shop.

 When you buy something the only way to get off the choosing screen is to leave the shop.

And issues changing the Oppaimon during the midst of battle.

If oppaimon faints you can't change, the option does nothing so fainint ain't an option.

Cheers for the update though. Keep up the excellent work.