Hello everyone! We hope you’re doing very well, we thank you for the patience you have had these days. We have worked to fix some bugs that affected the gaming experience:

Version notes:
New town (first gym but will not be available until the version 0.5.0)
Loveru Hotel (Building where the player will have sexual training with his Oppaimons)
Hotel system
Pill of lust available on the store (Needed to increase the lust of your Oppaimons)
Animation fucking with Vulvysaur (Evolution of Vulvasaur)
Animation fucking with Cummeleon ( Evolution of  Cummander) 
Animation fucking with Wartorty ( Evolution of  Squirty) 
Change the position of your Oppaimon team
Animation of the bus when going to the Fuckto region
Gallery of CGs: Now you can see when you want the CGs that you have unlocked
Now the trainers see you in the distance and won't let you pass without fighting them before

Thank you very much for your support, Love and patience!, We love you <3

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StatusIn development
Rated 3.4 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
AuthorWitch Nighto Studio
GenreAdventure, Role Playing
Made withUnity
Tagsbig-boobs, Erotic, Hentai, oppaimon, Parody, Pixel Art, pokemon, Singleplayer

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i lost against a vulvysaur in the top left house and the game  justfreezed

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While dialogues could use come help... The beta is really buggy just fyi.

It bugs out either while choosing a oppaimon or in a battle which is annoying.

And it needs a better saving system.
The running is just wonky? And there's a lot of things that we are simply able to run into even though we shouldn't able to.


Like others have said, needs a lot of polishing.  These arent neccessarily complaints, but definetly things that need to be implemented

The Save system needs implemented, as well as making some more powerful monsters in Route 2. Grinding your starter to evolve it is very tedious when everything you fight only gives you a tiny amount of exp compared to what you need, and you already finished off all the trainers in the game.

Need to make the moves consistent. When an enemy uses Fake Orgasm, it deals damage to me. When I use it, it only lowers their attack.

The mouse is very buggy when you move, it looks like it's pretty much vibrating

The Bowsette fight needs to be a little more difficult. She's using a 2nd gen monster, and you can beat her using a monster that's barely 1 level above hers. Maybe make her at least the level you need to be in order to evolve, that way you can also show what level you need to be to evolve your monsters

Seriously needs a lot of polishing, The writing is not very good.