Version 0.6.4

Some bugs fixed

Version 0.6.3

Now you can't save the game at the laboratory (To avoid bugs)
The Bug catcher inferface fixed
Other bugs fixed

Version 0.6.2

The first version of the Launcher is ready [Patreons Only for now]

The bug when you fight agains the first trainer of the gym fixed.

Motel animations:

Girls and CG:
Rin have a gift for everyone how visit her!

Bug Cather
Now when the game detect a bug or error it automatically show you a document to describe what happen and send us an email

StatusIn development
Rated 4.1 out of 5 stars
(138 total ratings)
AuthorWitch Nighto Studio
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
TagsAdult, bigass, bigboobs, ecchi, Hentai, oppaimon, Pixel Art, pokemon


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It keeps crashing saying it detected a bug before I could even pick a starter, it won't even let me report...


sad to see another gem lost in developement, just like the crystal fox saga or meach adventures. sure life goes on and every studio is facing their own kind of challenges but what you all share is ghosting the small fanbase you have worked towards and taking money where there is nothing to buy anymore. i hope you are alright and maybe one day there will be a sign of activity again. best wishes, keep on stalking!


the patreon is making over $300 usd a month surely they have to be putting something out to still have that many donors

Most recent patreon post is from 2022. I think it's safe to say this one is shuttered.


for all those wondering, from what I can tell the only Oppaimon you can have sex with are currently Cummander and Cumpie. FYI I haven't tried Rafapfap or Squirty.


I hope your day is pleasant. Thank you all very much for being here today. I simply wish to convey my appreciation for all of the work thus far on this game. I am truly grateful for such a wonderful experience. If the development is too challenging due to lack of funding then please ask us to assist you. If the development is too challenging to continue due to a lack of inspiration then Might I suggest a Discord group with all of us fans. Lastly, if this game is no longer an interest to you due to personal challenges beyond your control, I hope that you may find a friend or two to assist your work to completion. There are a lot of us out here who would enjoy completing it in your honor. I look forward to anything you decide to do. Even ignoring this long message. Thank you for your time and I wish you a lovely day.


I really wish this game would get worked on, it has so much potential yet the developer seems to have quit on it for some reason or anothe


its just a black screen? nothing is loading?


What happened to the games? Are they getting updates/ coming out last patron post is in 2022 may :(


will there be a download soon?


can you add a download link because me and probably many others would like an ability to play offline 

i cant run the game after a bug happen help

nvm it works again

i dont know why im still waiting

it froze bruh


to all those coming to this game: it is dead, hasn't been touched since 2020.


This is so sad 

Bug report crashed the browser, and I couldn't back out of the Bag/Oppaimon. The Esc key didn't work and only exited Full Screen mode.


what ever happend to this gam


Advice: add a candy in the shop or make a strong enemy/trainer you can fight as long as you want. At least until the final release. Grinding is annoying in any games, especially when it's not the final product


how do you download the game?


is it actually possible to have sex with the oppaimon? im tryna figure it ou


yes you need to go to a hotel(may need some pills to boost their hornyness if i remember correctly)


for anyone wondering whats happening with the development, they've abandoned this version and are instead working on a 3d version, although whether or not thats actually being updated or not idk

Is playing as a girl not implimented yet?

i can't seem to get out of the house.


So I have encountered 3 bugs early on my play. The first thing I encountered that is I went back into the lab after the first fight and was able to get another starter. So I got 2 starters. The second was that when I left the area where I got my starter and if I try to go back it starts the auto walk animation of me trying to get my starter so I cant go back into the lab town anymore. The third is that the first encounter with team sucket keeps replaying so I keep battling the two sucket members when I go to town heal and go back.



this game is very buggy . i spent an hour levelling up and then i was about to save but used and healing item on my oppaimon . then this pop up appeared saying that they discovered a bbug . i saw on the dim screen behind , the oppaimon was healed but this keeps appearing unnecessarily and when click on either send the report or cancel , it freezes and does not work . my whole hour was wasted . either fix this bug or at least make it so that it auto saves . this literally has happened a lot of times and annoyed the crap out of me . this pop up is more annoying than the bugs themselves


Im having trouble saving the game, what do i do?


This game has potential, really needs polish. the art is pretty weak and the anatomy on some of the girls is outrageous. no girl has tits bigger than her body. that being said the concept is pretty cool. the dev just needs to wring out bugs n stuff


hey put in my email into the game with name and password for the sign up section it says invaild input parameters and says nothing of what i done wrong

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every time i send an report or even hit the cancel button it just freeze the game, and can  you add auto save.

this game looks very fun but evrytime i try to play the game bugs out when the rival goes to pick their starter if anyone knows any way to fix it please tell me.


Im currently stuck in the directly left upward from the start, where each time i try to leave the house i enter it again, how can i get out??


how do i save the game?

How do you save? And fix collisions pls


cannot progress after defeating Rebecca


it is so annoying! when you need to travel fast from this place to another place, you just can't because the trainer keep automatically pick a fight with you!!! Sucks!

No more content?

how to save in this game guys?


does anyone know if this was dropped or not cause i remember playing this awhile ago and really enjoyed it and would like to know if they are still improving or not 

why cannot I not choose the girl option at the beginning do I have to do something?

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