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pitty that u can have an xp share thing to all your oppaimons, also is there other evolutions or only the 2nd tier?


I want to try this game but it never advances past the load screen.




anyone notice how the dev hasn’t responded to a single comment


That's because they have college


gets to about finished and then stops yap way to buggy


my screen keeps freezing at the loading screen


Please do more of that stuff. This game is really fun. Great job


I agree !


The report bug feature causes the website to freeze so I'm gonna put it here. Using the Lust pill causes the game to bug out. I enjoyed playing so I would love to see the end result :D.


Yeah, this game needs some serious work


how  do you save the game


every time i try to use an item out of combat, i got a fatal error, it doesn't matter where, it happens always out of combat.


I cant pick the girl gender in the beginning nani




I got stuck in a loop and couldn't get leave the scene where i heal my thing

wish it was downloadable, so I can play it without having to go here constantly.

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If you install the itch,io launcher, you can install this game with it :)

Edit: nvm, it starts but then freezes on loading :(

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and you can't get a starter  cause of how buggy it is

Broke the game when visiting the medium. OOF


when the game is finished will we be able to play as a female?

good game hope the finished product comes out great

i can t open this in browser, is there a way to download?

i keep getting stuck in a loop with the nurse, i just want to heal my oppaimon--

i realize that working on a game is hard, but in the future maybe a choice to have sex with male npcs as a male, or a sexuality choice, to be bi or straight?

This is just a question, but I wanna know if you can evolve cummander or cumpie

Tried to report bug and whole game froze tried refreshing and repeating the submit for a bug still freezing.
Original bug was trying to leave out of bag during combat and esc button did nothing and would not pull me out of my bag.


Defeated the team on the second route, went back to heal, then when I came back the event was there again. Also Browser version starts to lag after a while, make a download version to fix this please.

rival doesnt take her oppaimon she instantly turns left and when selecting oppaimon she walks ght then back to left 

that just happened to me


tried to load a save from the title screen, the bug report screen was frozen and the fighting music was playing

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Tried to save... cant do anything else now. Sorry if this isn't helpful but its all i got

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